As many of you know, THIS NIGHT socks are knit in my hometown of Reading, PA, in its last remaining sock knitting mill. If you are at all familiar with Reading, you will also know that, in addition to being the self-proclaimed Pretzel Capital of the World, its landmark is the Pagoda (not a pagoda, but The Pagoda). This is not your ordinary pagoda, though. Trimmed in red neon (now LED) lights and featuring both a chimney and fireplace, the pagoda was completed in 1908 at the top of Mt. Penn as a sort of luxury tea house. It never took off, however, and ended up being sold to the City of Reading for $1 in 1911. Now it is one of Reading's most enduring tourist attractions, offering a beautiful view of downtown Reading. (You can read more about the Pagoda's history and present here, and I just discovered that there is a Pagoda Cam, so you can even see the live view here!) I have long dreamed of making a Pagoda sock, and here it is (in S/M and M/L sizes), including the chimney! And $1/pair sold at goes to the wonderful Olivet Boys & Girls Club of Reading!