A little background on a new color: LIBERTY GREEN

KYOTO  in slate blue +  liberty green

KYOTO in slate blue +  liberty green

I really like reading long-form journalism, and there are definitely articles that stay in my mind long after reading them (chief among them, this incredibly moving and thought-provoking article in the New York Times several years ago about what it is like to be an eleven-year-old homeless child in NYC), and there are certain writers who, almost no matter the topic, write in such a precise and interesting way that I find almost anything they are writing about riveting. One of these writers is Ian Frazier, who writes for the New Yorker. He describes things so well, often with a sense of humor, and he always expresses a deep sense of empathy and appreciation for his subjects. (His writing is so distinctive that I can almost always tell it is his without reading the byline.) One of his pieces I still think about (mostly because I wish I had one!) is this one about a device he invented for removing plastic bags caught in high tree branches, another is about the return of harbor seals to NY harbor (which prompted me to take the same seal excursion he described), and another is his really interesting account of his travels in Siberia (here and here). Most recently, an article he wrote about a color he calls Statue of Liberty green fascinated me and inspired this new color for the fall socks: Liberty Green. It makes me think of both the Statue of Liberty and the colors of the Hudson River that surround it, two of my favorite things in New York.