CONFETTI amid the leaves

CONFETTI amid the leaves

Well, most of the new styles and colors have finally arrived! I hope you like them! 

The other exciting news is that, going forward, THIS NIGHT will be donating 50 cents per pair sold on www.this-night.com to the Olivet Boys & Girls Club of Reading, PA (where the socks are knit and my hometown). This organization is doing amazing things, providing the children and teens of Reading with safe, happy places to study and have fun after school and during the summer, and THIS NIGHT is so happy to support it!


The Clara

The Clara

The Walt

The Walt

THIS NIGHT in honored to be included in Nightingale Express's Clara (named for Clara Barton) and Walt (as in Walt Whitman – he was also a nurse!) gift boxes for nurses. Travel nurse Aishleen O'Brien just launched this website for nurse gift boxes this week, but she has been thinking about the best gifts for nurses for a long time. In choosing the products for her boxes, Aishleen included items she's found particularly useful in her work, and she has made a special effort to include US-made goods, like THIS NIGHT socks! I hope all the recipients are very pleased!


I am not usually particularly passionate about laundry detergent, but I read about Dizolve about a year ago and decided to try it out. (FYI: I am not on the Dizolve payroll in any way!) It is truly an innovation in the world of detergent! Dizolve consists of small, harmonica-sized, pliable strips that are not only biodegradable, but also packaged in a small, recyclable cardboard container. And it works (including with high-efficiency washers)!

This is a particularly exciting product for apartment dwellers, especially those who go to a laundromat (so much less to schlep!), but it is really great for anyone who cares about the environment. And as a bonus, company, which is Canadian, donates a portion of its proceeds to the Sierra Club and other nonprofits! There is really nothing not to like here except for the fact that so far I have only been able to order it online. If you order 2 packs, there is free shipping, so it comes out to 20 cents per load (comparable to Tide). I have been using it for several months now (and even got my mom some), and Dizolve has worked quite well for all my laundry, including socks!



Pictures from  Okan Arts  website (these photos accompany an announcement about an upcoming quilting workshop Patricia is leading)

Pictures from Okan Arts website (these photos accompany an announcement about an upcoming quilting workshop Patricia is leading)

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of meeting up with Patricia Belyea of Okan Arts (both a blog and a store). Patricia had read my book A Year in Japan when she went to Japan for the first time years ago, and she emailed me before her trip to NY to meet up and talk about Japan and socks! After a long career in branding and marketing, Patricia started her own store selling beautiful vintage yukata (cotton kimono) fabric that she imports from Japan. She is also an amazing quilt artist! After hearing her very interesting talk at the City Quilter, we had dinner and chatted a bit. You can hear Patricia's account (and learn about so many interesting quilters and fabric artists!) on her Okan Arts blog. (And if you comment on your favorite socks at the end of the post before the end of the month, you could win a pair of THIS NIGHT socks of your choosing!) You might also find yourself, like me, wanting to buy yards and yards of beautiful yukata fabric!


KYOTO  in grey with seafoam

KYOTO in grey with seafoam

Just in time for Father's Day, USA Love List, a great source of information on US-made goods, is featuring THIS NIGHT in a giveaway contest! Until June 9, you can go here to enter to win three pairs of socks of your choosing!


Photo of women's  STRIPE in black and white  by Erin Boyle of   Reading My Tea Leaves

Photo of women's STRIPE in black and white by Erin Boyle of Reading My Tea Leaves

THIS NIGHT is honored to be featured in "My Week in Objects (Mostly)" on Erin Boyle's lovely blog, Reading My Tea Leaves. She writes about thoughtful, sustainable living in small spaces, and I always find her blog inspiring, interesting, and useful. I am so pleased that she likes THIS NIGHT socks – thank you, Erin, for your kind words!


The KYOTO style and red and white custom colors of the socks echo the Berks Encore logo – THIS NIGHT so happy to be a part of this special day, supporting Reading with socks made in Reading!

The KYOTO style and red and white custom colors of the socks echo the Berks Encore logo – THIS NIGHT so happy to be a part of this special day, supporting Reading with socks made in Reading!

THIS NIGHT is honored to be creating custom socks for all the guests at Berks Encore's upcoming breakfast fundraiser honoring local philanthropist Eric Savage of Freedom Auto Group on Monday, June 1, at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Reading, PA! Berks Encore provides a range of services to those over 50 in the Berks County area, including its Meals on Wheels program. For those of you on Facebook, if you post a picture of your feet in some fun socks and tag #berksencore as well as #sockittohunger, the really great and public-minded General Manager of the DoubleTree, Craig Poole, will donate $6.08 (the cost of a Meals on Wheels meal) per post until June 1!


Ask Martha anything! Martha is here live to answer your cooking, homekeeping, entertaining questions and about what she is up to. Ask your questions in the comments below.

Posted by Martha Stewart on Tuesday, April 19, 2016

I was in Reading, PA, yesterday, and while I was talking with Terry, Brandi, and Dave at the knitting mill, Martha Stewart was saying some nice things about THIS NIGHT socks! (If you want to go right to the sock talk, it's about 45 minutes into the video above; if you want to see a very clever way to slice many cherry tomatoes at once, go 35 minutes into the video.) Thank you, Martha, for supporting American-made goods and for your very kind words about the socks!


It's an honor to be featured in this month's issue of Berks County Living! THIS NIGHT is giving away three pairs of socks to Berks County Living readers, and you can enter here.  


BUBBLE is THIS NIGHT's newest style and is perfect for spring! I love asymmetrical things, and I have always wanted asymmetrical polka dot socks. At last, here they are! (The working title for this style was "Bubbles," but I kept thinking of Michael Jackson's poor chimpanzee, so I've dropped the S!) If BUBBLE had to describe itself in one word, it would be insouciant! BUBBLE comes in shell with grey dots, the grey and black ones pictured above, navy with leaf green, grey with seafoam, and navy with cobalt dots (and for now these are only available in the women's size).


THIS NIGHT's spring line is now available! You will find new spring colors – leaf green, seafoam, shell (a pale peachy-pink that was a very tricky color to get right – it took three tries!), coral, and cream – for two of THIS NIGHT's most popular styles, KYOTO and STRIPE, as well as a new style for women, BUBBLE. I only have a few dozen of each of these, so I suppose these are (for now, at least) limited-edition socks! :)


It was really fun collaborating with Rachel Richardson, the very talented, kind, and patient American Ballet Theatre ballerina, on this video! Thank you so much, Rachel!!


Select Shop 215, Old City, Philadelphia

Select Shop 215, Old City, Philadelphia

Although most THIS NIGHT socks are sold from this website, they are also available in a few stores – really neat stores, run by really nice people. One of these stores is the wonderful Omoi Zakka Shop in Philadelphia (1608 Pine Street), which has all sorts of beautiful gifts. The owner, Liz Sieber, has lived in Japan, and many items have a Japanese influence (and all of them are thoughtfully selected). Now Omoi Zakka has a new sister store in Old City: Select Shop 215 (41 S. 3rd Street). I haven't been there yet, but I can't wait to visit!


My sock drawer using the KonMari method (albeit a slightly sloppier version)

My sock drawer using the KonMari method (albeit a slightly sloppier version)

Many of you are probably already familiar with the KonMari method of organizing (taught by Japanese organizing expert and author Marie Kondo), but if you're not, here's a brief summary as it pertains to socks: your socks should "spark joy," and when not on your feet, they should be "on holiday."

Kondo has written two bestselling books outlining her method, and I confess I have only read this New York Times article about her. When I read that article a while ago, I was a total skeptic in regards to her sock-folding method (folded together and stored upright, grouped by color).  I grew up folding my socks into each other to keep them together, and I saw nothing lacking in this method. In fact, I thought socks would loose their partners with her relaxed "on holiday" fold.

But the seed was sown and, about six months ago, I decided to see how the KonMari method worked and found this helpful article (and video below – she folds socks also) from New York Magazine. I gave it a try, and there has been no looking back! It is so much easier to find things this way (I have used the KonMari method for my shirts and pants, too), and everything looks so orderly! Hooray for KonMari!

BLACK-TIE SOCKS: Elegance and comfort!

POLKA, DOTTY, GRID, STRIPE, CHECK, HALF, and KYOTO in black and white

POLKA, DOTTY, GRID, STRIPE, CHECK, HALF, and KYOTO in black and white

For those of you who already have some black and white socks (or for those who have upcoming formal events and time to acquire some socks), perhaps you might like to wear them with a tuxedo! I love black and white, so when I was designing these socks and thinking about colors, I definitely wanted to make women's socks in this combination. I wasn't sure about making them for men, but when I spoke with Charlie Davidson, a legend of haberdashery and owner of The Andover Shop, he immediately pointed to the black and white CHECK and said it would be great for black-tie events (a thought that had never occurred to me!). 




Here, the very talented and kind (and patient!) Rachel Richardson, a ballerina with American Ballet Theatre, models some of THIS NIGHT's offerings! Thank you so much, Rachel!!!