Where are these socks made?

Originally, all my socks were knit in the last knitting mill in my hometown of Reading, Pennsylvania, USA, by some really talented and nice people. Sadly, this mill was abruptly closed by its new corporate owners in 2018. My socks are now being knit by a very well-run mill in Conover, North Carolina, a state that is home to much of what remains of America's hosiery industry. I am very grateful to the kind and talented people there!

Terry, the sock genius – and friend – who helped develop THIS NIGHT socks in Reading, PA

Terry, the sock genius – and friend – who helped develop THIS NIGHT socks in Reading, PA

How soon will they ship?

They will ship in 1–2 business days.

Why is the name of the company THIS NIGHT? Why the Big Dipper?

The name THIS NIGHT comes from a tenth-century Japanese poem that I especially love: 

If only I could show them to someone who knows, this moon, these flowers, this night that should not be wasted. – Minamoto Nobuakira

(quoted in The Tale of Genji by Muraski Shikibu, trans. by Edward G. Seidensticker)

I lived in Japan for a year right after college and continue to be inspired by the colors and patterns of Japan, so THIS NIGHT felt right. The Big Dipper has always been my favorite constellation because I can always find it – it's like an old friend in the sky.

What do the socks feel like?

They are very soft and "hug" your feet and are what I consider the perfect weight – they fit into dress shoes but are still substantial.

What is the fiber content of the socks?

The socks are mostly made of cotton – between 75% and 81%. This yarn is US-grown, soft ringspun cotton, and the plaiting yarn (which is very thin and is what gives the sock its stretch and allows it to retain its shape) is nylon (between 16% and 22%) with a touch of lycra (2–3%, to hug the foot).  You can see the exact content for a particular sock by clicking on an individual sock.

Should I order M/L ("men's") or S/M ("women's") socks?

Well, if you wear at least a size 7.5 women's shoe, you could wear the S/M or the M/L socks. The M/L socks are taller and have a little bit larger foot area, as well as a slightly wider cuff. The M/L sock will end higher on your leg (without being a knee sock). If you wear a women's shoe size 11 or larger, you should order the M/L socks. In the picture below, the M/L is on the left, and the S/M is on the right. (Feet are women's size 9.) If you wear between a men's shoe size 5 and 9, you could wear the S/M size socks if you'd like a shorter sock.


Although I see that your new packaging has been changed to S/M and M/L to avoid confusion, what does size 9–11 or size 10–13 mean when I see it on a sock label?

Those refer to little-known sock sizes, NOT shoe sizes. Most women's feet will fit SOCK size 9–11 (what I now call S/M and which fits women's SHOE sizes 4–10.5 and men's SHOE sizes 5–9), and most men will wear SOCK size 10–13 (what I now call M/L and which fits men's SHOE sizes 6–13 and women's SHOE sizes 7.5–14).

I wear a men's size 15 shoe – will these socks fit?

Men wearing size 15 shoes have reported that, yes, these socks fit in both the heel and toe! Please note that if you wear a men's shoe size larger than 13, do not order KYOTO, as this style will not stretch as much as the others. I am thinking about making an XL size sock, so stay tuned! (And if you are reading this and wear a 14 or above and have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to contact me!)

What are the care instructions for the socks?

Please wash them in cold water and tumble dry on low or medium. (I like to wash them inside-out because I think it is gentler on the socks, but that's not necessary.)

What if the socks are a gift for someone?

Please write a gift message in the order form during checkout, and I will handwrite a nice gift card and not include an invoice.

Do you sell the socks wholesale?

Yes, please email hello@this-night.com if you are interested in carrying them in your store.

I hear that Reading, PA, is the self-proclaimed Pretzel Capital of the World – any recommendations?

Yes! My favorite pretzels ("Splits") are from the Unique Pretzel Bakery (and are available in stores nationwide). My favorite chocolate-covered pretzels ("Little Ones") are from Tom Sturgis Bakery.