$1/pair sold online donated to the Olivet Boys & Girls Club of Reading, PA, & the Catawba Co. Partnership for Children (shared between them)! $1/pair sold online donated to the Olivet Boys & Girls Club of Reading, PA, & the Catawba Co. Partnership for Children (shared between them)!


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Pigeons Helping Pigeons!

I'm so happy to announce that for each pair of Pigeon socks sold online, THIS NIGHT will donate $1 to the Wild Bird Fund, a really fantastic nonprofit that is NYC's only wildlife and small mammal rehabilitation center!

Wild Bird Fund logo

This organization was co-founded by Rita McMahon in 2005 (amazingly, before then there was no wildlife rehabilitation center in NYC where the public could take injured birds) and is located at 565 Columbus Ave., north of 87th St. and open every day from 9am to 7pm. I have brought an injured bird here before, and I was so grateful for a place to go. New York City is a major flyover point for migrating birds, so the Wild Bird Fund (and its staff of 30 and many more volunteers) helps birds that we all see, no matter where we live. Each year, they rehabilitate more than 7,500 animals! If you have found a bird that needs help, you can see what to do here.

Here are some photos of the animals they have helped (all photos courtesy of the Wild Bird Fund):

This American Woodcock flew into a Starbucks window and was rehabilitated by the Wild Bird Fund.

 American Woodcock rehabilitated by the Wild Bird Fund

One of this American Robin couple had an injured wing in winter, and his mate stayed with him in the snow, feeding him. A passerby rescued them from a snow bank and brought him to the Wild Bird Fund, where his wing healed, and they were both released into the wild again.

American Robin couple rehabilitated by the Wild Bird Fund

You can read more Wild Bird Fund success stories here!


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Thank you so much for all your support this past year and wishing you a wonderful 2022!
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ROBIN has landed!

Encouraged by the response to PIGEON, I've been wanting to make ROBIN socks for a while now, and here they are! (They come in three colors: navy, spring blue, and river blue, and two sizes: S/M and M/L.) These sweet little robins pop out of your shoes and make it springtime every day!
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HYDRANGEA socks are here!

I have wanted to make Hydrangea socks for so long –– they are one of my favorite flowers! –– and here they are! (I have them in both S/M and M/L sizes and also in a magenta version.) They were a bit tricky to create because of the complicated, full flowers, but I am grateful it worked out! :)